Video with Twitter

How to Use Video with Twitter

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When any business or individual considers possible pathways for marketing video content, one platform that many rarely consider is Twitter. YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook business pages and LinkedIn are all well-known ways to promote video content but now the microblogging site is hoping to seize a share of the market. Few people, however, consider using video … Read More

Videos for your Business

How to Use Videos for your Business

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It is important to present videos for your business to the broadest audience possible. The web is not the only place where you should attempt to reach out to your customers. In order to maximize impact, consider using other outlets. Email Promotions & Direct Marketing Uploading your business video to a site like YouTube, hoping people will see … Read More

Embedding Facebook Video

Embedding Facebook Video

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We’ve discussed before on the Top Pup Media blog about the pros and cons of using YouTube or Vimeo. With recent developments on the Facebook platform, the social media site is now a force to be reckoned when it comes to uploading, storing and sharing videos. The choice between dominant video platforms like Vimeo and YouTube is no … Read More

Video Briefs

Four Elements of Your Business Video Story

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Whether you use video as a recruitment tool, to sell a product, as a demonstration video for a new product or simply to add a human face to your promotional material, video messaging can be very powerful. Telling an effective business video story is as much a science as an art, and it is important that … Read More

Recruitment Video

How to Make a Recruitment Video

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We have discussed the importance of videos to reach your customers, but have you considered creating a recruitment video to hire talented employees? It’s becoming very common, particularly in the tech industry. High-profile users of recruitment videos include Google, Microsoft and Apple – using the very tools they use in business to attract the designers and … Read More

Small business videos

Essentials Ways to Use Small Business Videos

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As a small business, you know you will not get very far without a web presence. A website is essential, but it’s just as essential that people want to stay and engage with you – that means responsive design, navigability and great visuals – and inevitably, that means video. Here are a few ways you … Read More