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Show. Don’t Tell. Telling Stories with Video

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Telling stories with video should be worth a whole lot more than that. In corporate storytelling, choosing the right visuals or video sequence is vital in conveying your message to the intended audience. Many times, we have explained how important video is to web marketing. Just as important … Read More

Actors or Real Employees for Business Videos

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Business videos are now a fact of our working life – used for recruitment, training, promotion and of course advertising. Today, most businesses need a web presence on YouTube, which means customers expect to see more video content in general. You may be tempted to use actual employees in some of your videos, saving the expense … Read More

Video Briefs

Essential Elements of a Video Brief

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When a client approaches Top Pup Media to produce a video, we usually ask for a simple video brief to work with. A brief is simply a set of instructions so we can understand you and your video production needs; it may be a written order or an email with a simple outline.Here is the … Read More

Rational and Emotional Concepts for Video

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In a previous article, we discussed how the average consumer believes they are more rational than they actually are. We cited evidence that decisions made on which service and product to buy was often more emotional than rational. Understanding these rational and emotional concepts for video can help you connect with your audience.Here, we discuss some of … Read More


Using YouTube Description Effectively

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You may have produced the best video content in the world, but it will be for nothing if you haven’t effectively setup the video in YouTube. You may already know the standard tips, but one thing that is often easily missed is the YouTube description box. When you browse YouTube, take note of how uploaders utilize … Read More

Corporate storytelling

The 5Cs and Corporate Storytelling


Storytelling is the essence of advertising – and it is arguably truer still when we consider the impact that video advertising and corporate storytelling can have an audience. The five Cs are Circumstance, Curiosity, Characters, Conversations and Conflict. Whether your production is a sales video, a recruitment video, a non-profit call-to-action or an explainer video, … Read More