How Do Top Video Production Companies Create Content?

How Do Top Video Production Companies Create Content?

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The process of creating high-quality, video productions for your business can be extensive. Each stage requires knowledge, experience and professionalism. We understand the power of a compelling story, and as one of the top video production companies in Dallas, we know how to deliver.Here are the primary stages to a professionally produced video: Pre-Production Lots of … Read More

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How Quality Production Value helps Your Business

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It’s a term that most people have heard, largely through movie reviews in magazines, blogs, amateur reviewers on the web and maybe even in filmmaking. Unless you are in the industry, you might not know what it is, even if you hear it all the time. Yet the term “production value” is important to businesses like yours in … Read More

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How to Get Ready for an On-Camera Interview

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Video productions featuring an on-camera interview are useful for promoting a product or service to your audience: whether that is customers, employees or senior management, or to executives or buyers at trade shows. Audiences respond to engaging interview videos. Each audience may look for something different, but there are essentials for on-camera interviews that you … Read More

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How to Make an Explainer Video for Startups

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Explainer videos are very popular today and continue to grow. More and more companies are using these short, animated videos to explain, communicate and inform viewers. Explainer videos can describe a company’s product or service, while other focus on creating more of a brand experience. For the past couple of years, we have produced a variety of explainer videos for both … Read More

Viral Video Trend in Recent Commercials

Viral Video Trend in Recent Commercials


What does shaving, Cadillacs, and Cheerios all have in common? More than may realize. Recently, there’s been viral video trends in commercials being produced, and these new visual styles are gaining viral momentum.Below are three commercials for Dollar Shave Club, Cadillac, and Peanut Butter Cheerios. Each of these commercials are very effective and have some interesting elements that have pushed them into … Read More

Seven Secrets on How to Produce a Compelling Business Video

Seven Secrets on How to Produce a Compelling Business Video

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Over the past two decades, our Dallas video production company, Top Pup Media, has produced hundreds of videos for both small and large clients, even Fortune 500 companies. This experience has helped us optimize and streamline our production process, and increase our level of quality and excellence in video production.Taking what we have learned over the years, here are seven secrets we … Read More