Whiskey Shivers Music Video

Live Event - Music Video

This music video featuring multiple camera angles features Whiskey Shivers performing an acoustic session of “Friends”

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Avenue Tax Services TV Commercial

Retail - Marketing, Narrative

This scripted commercial uses actors on location to demonstrate the services of Avenue Tax Services.

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5 Toes Custom Marketing Video

Non-profit - Interview, Marketing

This marketing video utilizes interview, coverage and drone work to promote 5 Toes Custom products.

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NAPA Rewards Employee Training Video

Retail - Interview, Testimonial, Training

This video utilizes interviews with scripted questions to educate other employees about how to engage customers for the NAPA Rewards program.

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SmartStart Explainer Video

Retail - Animation, Marketing

This scripted explainer video uses voice over, music, sound design and motion graphics to educate customers about SmartStart’s product.

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Mattress Firm Music Video

Live Event - Marketing, Music Video

Mattress Firm employees do a one-take version of Uptown Funk in this music video for a live event conference.

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