Monthly Archives: March 2018

How To Measure Your Marketing Video ROI

Entering the world of video marketing for the first time is exciting. However, the hard work has only just begun. It’s not enough to simply have a video. As with any marketing content, there is no guaranteed audience. For your marketing campaign to work, you’ll need to measure the video’s relative success or Video ROI … Read More

How To Use Video in Your Email Marketing

Most of the content we tend to focus on with this blog is web video: how to use YouTube, improve your search rankings with video, Facebook native video and so on. A large part of the marketing strategy for any business is email outreach. Video content is great for spreading the word through your email … Read More

How to Use Video in Your E-commerce Strategy

By now, you already know the quality video content that Top Pup Media delivers. But creating your e-commerce video is just one part of the job. The second part is how you use video in your e-commerce strategy to achieve your goals. 2018 has already proven a critical year for video and e-commerce. This is … Read More

With the Growth of Web Video, it’s Still Best to Outsource

Web video is entering a new Golden Age. Consumers want to see more of it and e-commerce businesses produce more to keep up with competitors. It’s become so important, that marketing departments are hiring employees with video production experience. But this may not be the best decision for you. Forego the Hiring Process Hiring a … Read More

Web Video is Now a Better Investment Than TV Commercials

Television has long been the target destination for advertisers. At once, a business (either locally, by state or even nationally) may reach a broad audience. But all that is changing; retail advertising in most forms is losing ground to e-commerce. That includes TV losing ground to web video. The Statistics A poll by IPSOS MORI, … Read More