Monthly Archives: June 2015

What Makes a Great Landing Page Video?

Your landing page is effectively the front door to your product or business – the means by which most traffic will first access your website. It should be designed with effective SEO strategies while being both welcoming and informative. Increasingly, businesses are using video as part of this “front door” experience. If you want people to stay on … Read More

How Video Can Help Your Startup

We have seen more startups in the last few years than in the previous few decades. As these startups continue to grow in number, we’re expected to see some great innovations. You may be one of these small business owners looking to expand and get noticed. If so, have you considered using video to promote and … Read More

How Event Managers Use Video

The world of promotion and event management is a highly competitive marketplace. Event managers can effectively use video to capture the interest of a potential audience, get their events noticed and leverage video as part of the event experience. We have discussed many times on the Top Pup Media blog about the importance of video … Read More

Creating a Book Trailer Video

The world of publishing is diversifying – self-publishing and digital books, for example, have given thousands of people the chance to get their fiction and non-fiction works seen in what was once a highly, competitive market. How people promote their books in a bid to grab readers attention has also changed. Dedicated social media communities, such … Read More

5 Video Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Written by Alex Debelov Virool is a video advertising distribution platform, helping marketers get their videos seen. As a small business owner, you are always competing with larger brands who have larger budgets. While it may seem hopeless to compete with a marketing budget that is 10x your own, don’t fret! It is more than possible, … Read More