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Five Video Production Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

As video production technology improves while dropping in price, almost anyone can make a video these days. It’s certainly simple and inexpensive. With a few simple steps, you can produce a decent, low-cost, amateur video.But, your business deserves more than just an amateur, mediocre-quality video. After all, how you tell the story about your product … Read More

How Do Top Video Production Companies Create Content?

The process of creating high-quality, video productions for your business can be extensive. Each stage requires knowledge, experience and professionalism. We understand the power of a compelling story, and as one of the top video production companies in Dallas, we know how to deliver.Here are the primary stages to a professionally produced video: Pre-Production Lots of … Read More

How Quality Production Value helps Your Business

It’s a term that most people have heard, largely through movie reviews in magazines, blogs, amateur reviewers on the web and maybe even in filmmaking. Unless you are in the industry, you might not know what it is, even if you hear it all the time. Yet the term “production value” is important to businesses like yours in … Read More