Monthly Archives: December 2009

“Where’s your Happy Place?” Doritos Commercial

For the last couple of years, Frito Lay and reached out to “lay” producers to create commercials to promote Doritos, and not just any commercial — a Super Bowl commercial. And to incentivize filmmakers across the nation, the prize money is pretty amazing: $1 million.To make an advert for Doritos is a big deal. The … Read More

Long Journey Home Short Film

Synopsis: Disillusioned with the family business, a young man is seduced by life’s pleasures only to find the costs far greater than he realized. Thus begins the “Long Journey Home”, a story about a father’s unconditional love for his son and a son’s quest for forgiveness.The short film was selected as a semi-finalist at The … Read More

Film and Television

If you’re making a feature film or television show, we can help you be successful in your production.Storytelling is at the core of what we do.Top Pup Media has produced feature films, television shows, pilots, award-winning short films and music videos.From initial concept to distribution, we can assist you in your narrative production needs. We … Read More